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The Yggdrasils Kopf is a stunning piece of surrealism art that depicts a goddess holding her creation in her hand. The focal point of the artwork is a child, captured in a mesmerizing gaze. The piece is painted in black, white, and brown, with a minimalist approach that leaves a surprising and unforgettable impression. This artwork is perfect for anyone who appreciates the beauty of surrealism and wants to add a touch of mysticism to their collection.

Yggdrasils Kopf

Artikelnummer: CETh-YK-3-2019
3.400,00 € Standardpreis
3.060,00 €Sale-Preis
  • Inhaberin: Petra Ahrensdorf

    Hauptstarße 37,

    15741 Bestensee.

    Mittwoch - Freitag 11-18 Uhr

    Samstag: 10-14 Uhr

    Telefon: 033763 73180

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